A mini skip bin is just as the name suggests, they are smaller skip bins that you can hire. Mini skips can range from 2m3, 4.5m3 and 6m3, these normally fit around 8 to 12 wheelie bins worth of rubbish, possibly more if packed correctly and efficiently. Mini skips are suited to many situations of disposing of rubbish and can be the perfect solution for many.

We have all been through those moments where you really want to get some spring cleaning done, or you have a long holiday and would love to fix up the landscaping around your home. Mini skips Adelaide are a perfect solution for this. So save your poor wheelie bin the hassle of getting filled every week and slowly removing rubbish when getting a mini skip can take all the stress out of needing to calculate how much you can put in your rubbish bin for the week.

What kind of waste can I dispose of in a mini skip?

You can fill your mini skip bin with a variety of household waste including green waste such as branches, leaves, weeds, dirt and small tree stumps. Anything that is of greenery that would normally fit in your green waste wheelie bin can go into your mini skip.

Customers can also use mini skips for construction and building materials from a small home renovation. This includes anything from paving, wood cutoffs. nails, wiring, brick and other debris. Although almost everything can go into your mini skip hire bin you cannot put any type of hazardous waste. Hazardous waste consists of: food scraps, oils, batteries, contaminated soil, toxic/flammable material and asbestos. There are other more sustainable methods of disposing and removing hazardous waste, please make sure you get incontact to discuss these measures.

When would I need to hire a mini skip bin?

There are many different reasons why a mini skip bin can be the perfect solution to you removing waste from your property, here are a few of the most common uses for a mini skip bin.

Spring cleaning 

New year and it’s time to get on top of all that clutter that built up over 2020? Mini skips are the best way to tackle the garage that has become a dump zone or that spare room no one can be bothered looking at. You can hire a mini skip bin for anything that is classified as general household waste, old sheets, cutlery, recycling goods even small furniture can go in a min skip. No need to stress about what is recyclable and what isn’t, Waste Away skip bin hire Adelaide will take your skip and sort it in our sorting yard for you.

Home reno 

Renovating is such an exciting time you have so many things going on and all you can think about is the new furnishings, paintworks and gadgets that you are about to install and enjoy. The hard part is removing all of the waste from old furnishings and gadgets, great thing is mini skips can hold all that waste for you, whether it be old tvs, doors, fittings it can all go into your mini skip. Depending on the size of your renovations you can get a slightly larger mini skip. It is best to call and talk to your mini skip hire company in Adelaide, describe your waste and your renovation plans and they can point you in the right direction for the perfect size for a hassle free renovation. Just ensure that hazardous waste such as wet paints and flammable materials are not disposed of in your mini skip.


Have some fruit trees that are almost ready to be pruned? Palm trees getting out of control? Or a weeding job that just seems like way too much for your green bin? Mini skip hire is the perfect solution for your landscaping needs. Mini skips can take all of your green gardening waste from fences and bricks to mini stumps and grass cuttings.

Why choose a mini skip rather than a large skip?

Mini skip bins are just as they sound, smaller skips that are more versatile for the smaller at home jobs. Mini skips are great for when you simply don’t have the space required for a larger skip, places like inner city, apartments or smaller unit areas, is where a mini skip can really come in handy.

You need to need to really assess the amount of waste you have to determine if you really need the larger skip or a smaller one. Mini skips could be just what you need and you could save some money there allowing for you to spend it on your renovations or a little holiday after all the hard work cleaning up!